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Vinakoper d.o.o.

One thousand year of tradition in oenology and viticulture in Slovenian Istria is mainly the obligation we owe to our ancestors. From generation to generation, people in our Istria have lived closely connected with the soil. They have created a precious legacy of wine culture. We strive to respect this legacy and enrich it with our work. The development story of Refosco and Malvasia Wine has been successful both for Vinakoper and for the entire wine growing region of Slovenian Istria, which, called the Region of Refosco, bears the name of its most typical  ruby-coloured wine. 

Numerous local and international awards which Vinakoper winery has received recently, prove that we have chosen the right path.  After 70 years of nurturing and maintaining the tradition, Vinakoper is a symbol of the story of success and good quality.  We have been awarded the Best Buy Award, endorsing us as the wine producer with the best quality-to-price ratio in Slovenia and the strongest producer of red wines thanks to everybody involved, thanks to all of you. 

Istria has its own charm, its atmosphere and is characterized with numerous beauties which have all been excellently captured in the harmony of colour, taste and smell of the Vinakoper wines. Let them be our pride for many years to come!

Company details

VINAKOPER, d.o.o. Koper
Šmarska cesta 1
6000 Koper

Tax Number: SI72275189
Registration No.: 5358531
Activity code: 11. 020
Ownership structure: 
77,7 % Adriafin 
20,7 % KZ Agraria
1,6 %  minority shareholders

Share capital: EUR 4,862,794.00
Area  of vineyards: 586 ha
Capacity of the Winery: 8 million of litres
Annual wine grape production: between 4 - 4.5 million of kg
Annual wine production:   on average, 3.2 million of litres
Annual turnover: EUR 8.5 million