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Club Istrski rubini

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Club Istrski rubini

Let the rubies increase in value ...

Club Istrski rubini brings together members with a sophisticated attitude towards wine, everybody who respects the vine and the soil of Slovenian Istria, all those who cherish the know-how and the tradition of Vinakoper, and who appreciate the precision of the oenologist’s perception of wine.

The Club's mission is: to refine the value of wine rubies of Slovenian Istria in the company of chosen individuals.

The Club enables its members to have exclusive access to author's wines from top locations, and of selected varieties and vintages. These wines are characterized by the perfection of the  colour, aroma, and taste, and the indefinite reproduction of its prestigious value. 

Do spend time and enjoy real flavour of the rubies of the Istria soil and the Mediterranean sun.

The Istrski rubini Collection

Become Member or give the Club Membership as a gift

Do become a member of the Istrski rubini Wine Club in order to pay respect to the Istria vine and the soil that ever and ever again give us new and new rubies. The membership is voluntary and is obtained by signing the Application Form and by abiding to the rules of the Club.

If you wish your friends, acquaintances or business partners to become the members of the Club, fill in the data in the Istrski rubin Wine Club Membership Gift Voucher , sign it and send it to the following address: Vinski klub Istrski rubini, Šmarska cesta 1, 6000 Koper. A person who will be submitted a voucher will have to fill in the Istria Rubies Wine Club Membership Application Form while you undertake to settle the payment for an individual package of the Istria Rubies for a certain period of time (one year). Membership may only be given as a gift by an individual to another individual. 

Additional information and application:

Istrski rubini Vinakoper
Šmarska cesta 1

T: (+386) 5 663 01 15 (Marketing)
T: (+386) 5 663 01 00 (Reception)