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Oenologist's selection

Our noble wines are nicely maturing in our cellar.

Capris Merlot 2012 is gently maturing in the bottle. Every day is showing the nobility and revealing long aging potential.

All of you who will cellar the wine in your personal enoteque – you have time to enjoy it from 5-10 years. But at the same time if you will open it with your friend today will have a great experience.

For those who enjoy in wines of special quality, I suggest Malvazija late harvest 2011 Iz Zakladov Slovenske Istre (Treasures of Slovenian Istria). Aroma remind us on dry apricots, raisins, honey, acacia flowers. Taste guide us on late harvest with long finish and nobility.

 What this wines have in common? They are both CHAMPIONS in their categories.

I wish you a lot of enjoyment.

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