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Capris Muškat

Sugar content: Sweet
Capris Muškat
Variety: Yellow Muscat
Soil type: Eocene flysch, marl and sandstone 
Location: Purissima, Šantoma 
Price: 5.99 €
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Grape harvest: by hand, late September
Winemaking: Grapes undergo short maceration at a low temperature. Gently pressed must is then clarified and fermented in stainless steel vats at a temperature of 16°C. A second fermentation according to the Charmat method allows the preservation of the characteristic aroma, freshness and fruitiness, inherent to the variety.
Aging potential: up to 3 years
Colour: A brilliant, golden yellow coloured wine, with intense sparkle and plenty of bubbles rising in fine beads.
Aroma: Intense aroma of the Muscat variety, reminiscent of jasmine flower, apricot, lychee and gooseberry.
Taste: The impression on the palate is of fresh apricot, citrus, cantaloupe and tangerine, complemented by mellow acidity and cheerful bubbles.
Food and wine pairing recommendation: An excellent choice while having a relaxing chat, or if you simply wish to conclude a meal on a sweet note. Pairs well with spicy dishes, like grilled shrimps or chicken with spicy sauce, Asian food, fresh fruit salads, vanilla custard and fresh fruit desserts. 
Opportunities: Lunch with friends, Socializing
Serving temperature: 6–8 °C