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Koper Sladki muškat

Year: 2020
Alcohol: 11 %
Sugar content: Sweet
Koper Sladki muškat
Variety: Yellow Muscat
Soil type: Eocene flysch, marl and sandstone 
Location: Debeli rtič, Purisima, Labor, 
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Grape harvest: hand-picked at the end of September, part of the grapes are overripe
Winemaking: 24- to 48-hour maceration is performed on grapes to extract as much aromatic potential from the skin of the berries as possible. Then follows the process of fermentation in stainless steel vats at a temperature of 13 to 18°C. When the alcohol content of approximately 10% vol. is reached, the fermentation is stopped in order to preserve enough natural sugar for which the wine is so famous.
Colour: The wine has an intensive yellow colour which expresses its nobleness.
Aroma: It features intensive aromas of candied orange peels, lychees, flower honey, dry apricots, citruses, and jasmine flowers.
Taste: Residual sugar, fruit, and richness are beautifully balanced in this wine. This is a wine that is certainly enriched by the proximity to the sea in its full body and ripe fruit.
Food and wine pairing recommendation: This dessert wine goes nicely with desserts made from persimmon, vanilla creams, cheese desserts with a taste of citrus, panettone, fried pastry flancati, etc. 
Opportunities: Lunch with friends, Socializing, Romantic dinner
Serving temperature: 9–11 °C