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Okusi Istre Malvazija

Year: 2016
Alcohol: 13 %
Sugar content: Dry
Okusi Istre Malvazija
Variety: Malvasia
Soil type: Flysch, sandstone, marl, sandy loam soil 
Location: Šantoma, Škocjan, Ricorvo, Labor 
Grape harvest: Hand-picked and machine harvested in the last days of August until the middle of September
Winemaking: Grapes were destemmed. The process of wine-must fermentation follows in stainless steel vats at a temperature of 14 to 18°C. Due to preserving its freshness and fruitiness, the wine matures exclusively in stainless steel vats.c
Colour: Intensive lemon yellow colour with gentle shades of green
Aroma: Clean, fresh and fruity aromatics reminiscent of citrus, green apple, acacia tree flowers, and fresh Mediterranean herbs.
Taste: The wine is soft in the mouth, nicely playful with fruit acids and notes of citrus, apples, yellow plum, and almond. This wine is light and fruity, with a finish of medium length, and pleasantly drinkable.
Food and wine pairing recommendation: It goes well with cold appetizer sea fruits: fish, shellfish, and molluscs. 
Opportunities: Lunch with friends
Serving temperature: 10–12 °C