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Okusi Istre

Okusi Istre redesigned!

The brand for good quality wines - a character which is offered by the Istrian soil and sun. The diverse wines have captured the freshness and the fruitiness and the youth and the tradition of Slovenian Istria. 

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Because I like it!

Top-quality wines of the Koper brand come from our sunny vineyards.  They are likeable and vivid. Wines are accompanied by varietal aromas with an emphasis on freshness, harmony and fruity liveliness. 

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A noble selection!

The collection of top-quality wines branded Capris offers noble and elegant wines. Wines are born from grapes which are cultivated at the selected locations lit with sun and maturing and evolution in wooden holders gives them a particular character. They represent an excellent addition to the rich Mediterranean and Istrian culinary delights.

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Capo D'Istria

The taste of prestigious wines from Slovenian Istria

Wines of the Capo D'Istria brand bring together the prestigious wines of Vinakoper winery. They have been produced from the grapes cultivated at the best locations for vineyards where sunlit vines are reflected in the sea. Prudent cellaring and ageing in barrique wood barrels give these wines the Istrian character and the international prestige. 

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Zakladi slovenske Istre

All delicacies of Slovenian Istria!

The treasures of Slovenian Istria is the collection of top-quality wines which spoils us with sweet delicacies of Slovenian Istria. The indigenous varieties are presented in always modern sweet diversity which shows to us all the treasures of Slovenian Istria.

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KOPER – aromatic varieties

Selectively harmonious selection!

The picturesque, sun-kissed vineyards of slovenian istria yield a wide selection of sustainably produced wines. Through careful cellaring these wines develop wonderful freshness and fruitiness. Let their liveliness brighten up your relaxed moments.
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Rex Fuscus

Rex – A story that is never forgotten!

Rex Fuscus is the harmony of the diligent work in the vineyard, of the traditional production and of sophisticated skills  in cellaring. The best product which is traditionally offered by the Istrian soil and sun-lit vineyards has been bottled into our top and recognizable selections. 

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Precious essence of the gifts from nature!

Sixty is a precious line of typical red varieties of Slovenian Istria. The right selection of varieties and locations and ageing in oak barrels gives this line an abundant, full and structured taste.  

Our wines

Istrski rubini

The gold makes the rubies even nobler!

A private selection of the Istrian Rubies includes author's wine coming from selected locations, of selected varieties and top vintages which are the result of knowledge, experience and the tradition of Vinakoper winery and a sophisticated touch by the oenologist. It is distinguished by the perfection of the colour, the smell and the flavour, noble after-taste and readiness for long maturing and evolution.  It is a limited quantity of wines produced in the best vintages and which are dedicated to the members of the Wine Club.