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Symbiosis of wine and food

A lot has been said about the wine and food pairing. For a long period of time, the rule says that white wines pair well with light dishes of more gentle flavours while the red wines, more structured wines, are best served with stronger dishes of fuller tastes. If, in principle, you stick to this rule, you cannot fail, however, in addition to the basic dish itself, do take into account the prevailing  baking spices, sauces and dressings. 

Most importantly, do not forget the most important fact:  Do afford yourself the wine that you like the most!  You will discover new combinations of flavours which may surprise you and you will not be able to forget them.


Salty snacks Salty snacks are best served before the meal to whet the appetite as a preparation for further joy with delicious flavours of a rich dinner, or as a simple meal during a socializing event, or just like that, when at home sitting on a couch.   Snacks are best paired with light and fresh dry wine which will not prevail in taste.
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Fish dishes

Fish dishes bring light and more sophisticated flavours to the table and these may fully develop only when they are not covered by too-exaggerated contrasting flavours or paired with strong and full flavours of the accompanying dishes. When you desire to enrich the flavour of high-quality fish dish, then you should choose light and fresh white wines which will fully savour the accompanying dish, without overruling the taste. 
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Salads and vegetables

When the main dish is based on vegetables, it is usually lighter and more tender and of fresh taste.  When the selection of spices or sauces or dressings does not dominate in the entire experience of the dish, when selecting a wine to be served with vegetable-based main dish, pay attention for the wine not to prevail over the dish. You should select lighter and fresher wines of more tender flavours which will prepare your mouth to fully savour the accompanying dish.
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White meat

Dishes based on white meat are usually light and tender in taste. When no highly dominating spices are used with the white meat, you should pick a wine of soft sub-tones. When a sauce of stronger character is served with white meat, you may try to pair it with wines of greater structure which will contribute to create an excellent fusion of flavours.
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Red meat

Stronger and fuller flavours usually prevail with red meat, and dishes often have a more dominant character. It is usually the main dish of the feast with which the most exciting moment for the spoiling of the taste buds is achieved. These are combinations of flavours which, per se, create a varied spectrum of gourmet experience and this is why they are best served with full and structured wines with distinctive multi-dimensional character. Do choose a wine which, with its prominent character,  will be an excellent complement to the selected dish.
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It is correct to finish a delicious meal with the most favourable dessert. Be it made of fruit, chocolate or cream, the dessert is always the final touch of any sophisticated experience of a food connoisseur. It does not matter whether you will enjoy your dessert at the end of a rich dinner or just like that, as a kind of sweet treat, there is one rule that always applies when wine should be paired with a dessert: the sweeter the dessert, the sweeter the wine should be. But, be alert, moderate choice is highly recommended. Too sweet a combination is definitely not pleasant and leads to a burning feeling in the mouth.
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Often, one likes to finish a varied and rich dinner with fresh and juicy fruit. You will not be mistaken when you focus on local fruit of the season when deciding on what fruit to choose. You may cool it slightly before serving it in order to make it more pleasant . When wine is served with fruit, you should be always careful of the harmony of tastes and of the balance of acidity and sweetness.  Only in this manner, one will not prevail over the other and tastes will complement each other.
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