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Whites - fresh, fruity and aromatic

In the Vinakoper winery, we are most proud of the indigenous Malvasia and Yellow Muscato wines, of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris , but we also have Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon. 

White wines are produced from grapes of white varieties. The maceration is usually not applied in the production of white wines, at least not for a longer period of time.  The drained grape mash is pressed and the must is obtained.  When the fermentation is completed, the young wine is made which must be diligently nurtured to mature into the wine of the desired quality. 

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Red - juicy, deep, passionate

Who is not familiar with the indigenous Refosco from Koper, or Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Pinot  Noir and the indigenous speciality - Cipro? 

Red wines are produced from grapes of red varieties. In the making of red wines, the mashing process is followed by maceration which may last for several days. It enables a prolonged contact of the grape juice with the solid parts of the grape berry, particularly with the skin. This enables more distinct extraction of colour, aromas, tannins and other substances from the grape berry into the must. 

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Rosé - trendy, vivacious

Vinakoper winery produces Rosé wines from the indigenous variety of Refosco and from Merlot and Maločrn variety (in English: Slightly Black). Both, Rosé wine and Rosé sparkling wine are produced by Vinakoper winery. 

Rosé wines are produced from grapes of red varieties, applying the white wine production method. This wine making technique does not entail the maceration of grapes, or when macerated, the maceration lasts for a very short time so that the typical tender colour is extracted. The drained grape mash is pressed and the must of pink colour is obtained. 

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Sparkling wines - mysterious and sparkling

Vinakoper winery has a wide range of Charmat method sparkling wines branded Capris.  They are made from white and from red varieties. We also have a classical mature sparkling wine.

Sparkling wines are wines produced from good-quality white or red varieties using a special technique which gives them characteristic organoleptic properties and special composition. There are several methods known to be used in the production of sparkling wines, the most commonly used being the traditional method (fermentation in a bottle) and the Charmat method (fermentation in high-pressure tanks). In case of both methods, the basis wine is carefully prepared from selected grapes, by pressing at low pressure and with the fermentation at low temperatures. The technological process of fermentation and maturing of sparkling wines using the traditional method lasts for at least 12 months, while classic sparkling wines mature longer, from 3 to 7 years.  According to the Charmat method, the maturing lasts for a minimum of 6 months. 

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Sweet delicacies - aromatic, warm, unique

Vinakoper winery has a rich selection of sweet wines grouped in the Treasures of Istria product group ... from the Sweet Muscato to Malvasia (late vintage), Sweet Refosco and the indigenous speciality known as Cipro. 

Wines are classified in different categories, one of this includes sugar content. In this category, there are dry, half-dry, half-sweet and sweet wines. A sweet wine has 45 grammes and more of non-fermented sugar per litre. Serious sweet wines are of very high quality and they are praised highly among the consumers.  The right method and the timing of the harvest often  give these wines a special quality.