Capris Malvasia

Capris Malvasia
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Capris Malvasia is adorned with a golden yellow color, an intense fruity-floral note reminiscent of ripe apples, acacia flowers, vanilla and almonds. The taste is full, juicy and ripe fruity.

Wine description:

  • Variety: Malvasia
  • Soil type: eocene flysch, marl
  • Location: Debeli rtič, Labor – Eocene flysch, marl and sandstone
  • Grape harvest: by hand, late September
  • Winemaking: After short maceration and pressing, the must is left to ferment, partly in large oak barrels, and partly in acacia and oak barrique barrels, where malolactic fermentation takes place. The wine is stored on fine lees for 8 months.
  • Aging potential: up to 5 years
  • Colour: Brilliant golden yellow .
  • Aroma: Intense fruity and floral notes, reminiscent of ripe apple, acacia flower, vanilla and almond.
  • Taste: Full-bodied, juicy and ripe. The wine gives an impression of charming fruitiness and minerality. It offers a harmonious balance between freshness and elegance. The finish delivers delightful notes of vanilla and bitter almond.
  • Food and wine pairing recommendation: Pairs well with seafood appetizers, light pasta and risotto, scallops au gratin, asparagus omelette, fish, shellfish, vegetables, and so forth.
  • Opportunities: Lunch with friends, Socializing, Gift, Romantic dinner
  • Serving temperature: 9–11 °C
Quantity / Packaging:
0,75 l
Sugar level:
Sec (dry)