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Malvazija Gourmet
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Malvasia Gourmet is a lively, medium-bodied wine with pleasant fruitiness and minerality. The youthful bouquet is nicely defined in terms of varieties.

Wine description:

  • Variety: Malvasia
  • Colour: The wine is a gentle golden yellow color.
  • Aroma: The youthful flower is beautifully defined by variety, smells of stone fruit, acacia flower and almond.
  • Taste: In the mouth the wine is vibrant, medium body, with pleasant fruitiness and minerality. It offers us a wonderful harmony between freshness and richness. In the aftertaste we are pampered by the fullness and pleasant creamy note of vanilla and bitter almond.
  • Food recommendation: We recommend Malvasia for seafood, pasta and risottos with lighter sauces, gratined Jacob's scallops, fried eggsi with asparagus, fish, crab , vegetables, poultry...
  • Opportunities: Lunch with friends
  • Serving temperature: 9-11°C.
Quantity / Packaging:
0,75 l
Sugar level:
Sec (dry)