A walk through Vinakoper`s history
Our story History

1947 - 1950

The company - VINO, veletrgovina z alkoholnimi in brezalkoholnimi pijačami d.z.o.z., is established and registered before the Postojna District Court; the main cellar was located in the tunnels under Belvedere in Koper.

The Istria's District People's Committee issues a building permit for the construction of the new cellar with the capacity of 300 wagons, 170 for red wines and 130 for white wines. The project is managed by Prof. Milan Veselič, the Head of Department for Wine at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana.

The first processing of grapes begins.

1951 - 1955

A new cellar at today's location is opened.

The largest oak barrel in Europe at the time, with the capacity of 41,427 litres, is placed in the cellar.

The company gets a new corporate name: VINO-KOPER, veletrgovina z alkoholnimi in brezalkoholnimi pijačami (in English: wholesale in alcohol and non-alcohol beverages)
The bottling of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Refosco and Malvasia wines begins. Owing to high demand, the bottling facility is equipped with the most modern bottle filling line produced by the German company Seitz, which is the second such line produced in Europe.

1956 - 1960

First bottlings of Vinakoper wines in 2L bottles.

The first labels for Refosco wine, which was also exported to Trieste, Italy.

Vinakoper also bottles Cabernet wine for export.


Wine is exported to Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland.

1971 – 1980

The second largest expansion of vineyards in the following locations: Šantomi, Škocjan, Baredi, Debeli rtič and Purissima.

Vinakoper's Merlot receives the CHAMPION award at the oldest International Wine Competition in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

1981 - 1990

An independent company is established: VINAKOPER.

The company is awarded a gold medal for Merlot.

1991 - 1995

At the International Fair of Agriculture and Food in Gornja Radgona, Capris Red 1989, receives the first award: the CHAMPION and the WINNER OF THE VARIETY.

At the international wine competition . Challenge International du Vin (Bourg, France), Vinakoper's Pinot Gris is awarded with the gold medal.

The brand “Selected Locations” is launched as well as the most famous Chardonnays from the Ricorvo and Labor locations.

Capris White and Capris Red are presented for the first time.

The first late harvest Malvasia from the Labor location is sent to the market.

1996 – 2000

The tradition of the famous Sweet Moscato wine is revived and the first bottles are filled with sparkling wine.  

Sustainable wine growing and restructuring of vineyards 

A new winery is opened, together with a new wine shop, located at today's location. 

The beginning of wine ageing by means of barrique technology in 225-litre oak barrels. The development of the most prestigious product group of Vinakoper - Capo d'Istria.

The first charity auction of barrique wines produced by Vinakoper is held. 

According to the quantity of hectolitres produced, Vinakoper becomes the largest Slovenian wine producer. 

2001 - 2005

A new collection of top-quality wines holding the Capris brand is presented in the market. This line of wines is dedicated to gastronomy and culinary art.

The Refosco Capo d'Istria, the vintage of 1999, is awarded "the Champion of Red Wines” at the Ljubljana Wine Competition.

2006 - 2010

The Capris Noble White wine is awarded 91 points by WINE SPECTATOR, the famous magazine, which praises it as exceptional wine with top-class character and harmonious style.

The shop and the wine-tasting facility, the House of Refosco, is opened, dedicated to Refosco, the king among the red wines.

Capris Merlot, the vintage of 2005, becomes the Champion at the wine competition Mondial du Merlot in Lugano, Switzerland.

The first wine from the collection of Istrian Rubies wines is presented.

The Sweet Moscato is enlisted on Top 10 Moscato Wines at the wine competition Muscats du Monde in France.

2010 - 2015

The Treasury of the Istrian Rubies is opened.

The Vinakoper Wine Academy is launched - providing an interesting education and training on wines.

Three new Istrian Rubies are presented:
The 2011 Refosco, the 2011 Red Cuvee and the 2012 Malvasia.

New brands, Rex and Purissima, are being developed for foreign markets.

2015 - 2022

In 2017, the Winery celebrates its 70th anniversary - 70 years since its foundation; over the years, the Winery has been a driving force in the development of the Istrian wine-growing tradition and ranks among the most successful food & beverages companies in Slovenia.

A complete renovation of the wine shop, restaurant and tasting rooms is started.

The first modern wine boutique is now open, offering a new tasting experience alongside fine wines and other culinary delights.

The renovated restaurant, named Kogo, which means "cook" in the Istrian dialect, is also opened.
Part of the Vinakoper Winery complex, Kogo combines Istrian and international cuisine with fine wines.   

The tasting room gets renovated and
the exclusive smaller tasting room (for VIP guests) is redecorated.

With new trends and innovative products such as Essence of Istria, Altroke Istria, Vinakoper SPA and Vinakoper Gourmet, Vinakoper proves that this Winery is not a traditional wine cellar. Vinakoper is also an initiator of partnerships for the development of the industry, an introducer of green practices and a socially responsible actor in the local and wider environment.

The first two Vinakoper wine shops abroad are opened - in Vietnam and Ghana.