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Get the best gifts in the wine boutique


The best offer of gifts for wine lovers and real connoisseurs, all in one place. This elegant wine boutique is for those who enjoy life to the full and enjoy local products. A wide range of Istrian specialities await you, packaged individually or in gift packs. Delight yourself and your loved ones with top quality products for a complete pampering experience.

A modern wine boutique with a rich tasting offer

Available as individual bottles of Vinakoper wines or in gift packs for all occasions. You'll also find a selection of wines from selected winemakers from Slovenian Istria, as well as everything you need for serving - from elegant glasses to containers for chilling.

But wine is not all there is. We are proud to offer products with truffles, cheeses, cured meats and other authentic flavours of Istria. Discover the wide range of Vinakoper Gourmet and Vinakoper Spa products, as well as first-class products from local suppliers. The Wine Boutique will enrich the offer of indigenous products with local character and help to further establish Slovenian Istria as a great culinary destination.

Istrian sauce and truffle cream? Choose Vinakoper Gourmet.

Created with connoisseurs in mind, the Vinakoper Gourmet line boasts a wide range of Istrian specialities. Luxurious flavours wrapped in elegant packaging make the perfect gifts for a wide range of occasions. We offer Istrian sauce, truffle cream, olive oil, salt with different flavours, nuts and much more.

We offer luxury gift packages combining gourmet delicacies, fine wines and first-class products. All the delights of the Istrian region, gathered in one package for an unforgettable experience.

Body care in style. Meet the Vinakoper Spa!

The Vinakoper SPA line consists of modern cosmetics products with a touch of nature. It was created in the process of finding innovative uses for grape seed oil, considered an antioxidant miracle. The harmonious ratio of natural ingredients combined with science brings the glorious indulgence your skin deserves. The timeless packaging comes with a fragrant exfoliating shower gel and body lotion. Vinakoper SPA kisses your skin with every application.

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