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The Istrian Rubies Collection includes author's wines of selected locations, varieties and vintages which are the result of knowledge, experience and the tradition of Vinakoper Winery and the sophisticated touch by the Oenologist. Each year, our members are provided with special ruby which receives special attention and care.

Merlot 2006

A dominant wine, cloaked in velvety tannins that give us rich sensations. The perfect base has acquired its character from ageing in wooden containers.

Shiraz 2008

A wine of distinctive character. Its elegance and its accentuated structure are immediately perceptible. The wine is silky, velvety and soft. A story of evolution towards perfection begins.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Extraordinary richness and fullness. This wine will take you into a world of ripe aromatics. Its ripe fruitiness and subtle tannins promise it a beautiful future.

Refosco 2011

Refosco is the king. The rich structure, the noble tannins and the herbal spiciness in the aftertaste are the perfect basis for a longer life for this special and prestigious ruby.

Red cuvée 2011

A harmony of red varieties which boast with sumptuousness in our vineyards. A quartet composed of magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon, noble Merlot, spicy Shiraz and hearty Refosco creates a well-played symphony of aromas and tastes in the glass.

Malvasia 2012

Malvasia, with its temperament, opens a new chapter in the treasury of the Istrian Rubies. This beautiful white variety reflects the millennia-old tradition, pride and perseverance of our vine-growers and winemakers. It stands proudly before us, with all its refined elegance, full of sunshine and mystery.

Merlot 2013

A new pebble in the mosaic of the Istrian Rubies collection. Merlot, a variety that surprises us time and again with its softness, ripe fruitiness and pleasant tannins, shows its luxury already with its beautifully intense colour.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Here is a serious and elegant Cabernet Sauvignon. Yet another proof that the vineyards of Slovenian Istria are the right place for this rich but demanding variety. Its beautiful, deep ruby colour and the sumptuousness of its aroma and flavour place it on the pedestal of red varieties.