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A double surprise in an Easter chocolate egg from the Vinakoper winery

This spring, we welcomed a new edition of an innovative and too good product - the Altroke Istra Chocolate Easter Egg by Vinakoper, which hides a praline filled with sweet Moscato and Refosco wines. Some call it perfection. At Vinakoper, we simply call it Altroke!

The perfect marriage of chocolate and wine
Practically everyone loves chocolate. Many of us are also lovers of the wine. Imagine being able to combine these two things. A dream has just become reality!

The Altroke Istra Easter Egg by Vinakoper is made from selected milk chocolate and contains a special surprise - pralines filled with the best selection of sweet Moscato and Refosco wines from our wine cellar. This tempting combination creates an explosion of flavours and aromas, giving us the feeling of enjoying the warm Istrian sun with the gentle sea breeze.

Gastronomic integration

The Easter Chocolate Egg connects not only flavours but also the local community. Vinakoper has developed this sweet story in collaboration with the Tramontana Chocolate Factory, the Coastal Galleries of Piran and local artists, who provided the unique artistic look of the product.

A double sweet surpise

At Vinakoper, we are well aware that the sweetest surprises are the double surprises. Every buyer of an Altroke Istra Easter Chocolate Egg by Vinakoper will therefore be given a special gift - a tasting of three samples of fine wines for two people at the Wine Boutique in Koper. 

Greetings spring with Altrioke flavours

This spring will be full of Altoke flavours. After breaking the last piece of the Easter Chocolate Egg and eating all the pralines, it will be time for a new season of the Altroke Istra Gourmet Festival, organised by the Municipality of Koper. The first venue of the gastronomic festival, which brings together local Istrian producers, will be the courtyard of our Vinakoper Winery. The opening will take place on Thursday 26 May, after which the culinary market will move to different locations, offering local dishes and wines.

To make sure you do not miss out on the colourful events full of Istrian joy and goodwill, follow Vinakoper on social media and enjoy the authentic flavours of Altroke.

Altroke Istra by Vinakoper is available at the Wine Boutique, Šmarska cesta 1, Koper and at Vinakoper Wine Shops in Ljubljana and Ilirska Bistrica.

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