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Get to know the wine-growing region of Slovenska Istra. It has a distinct sub-Mediterranean climate, which reaches up to 330 m above the sea level at higher altitudes, and also transitions to a continental climate. This Eocene-age area of flysch is spread out on rolling hills along the entire Slovenian coastline, from the magnificent Debeli Rtič to the dreamlike Sečovlje.

The exceptional natural conditions have enabled the caring Istrian winemakers to develop a strong tradition of winemaking and viticulture, which we, at Vinakoper, are passionate about continuing. Ten sunny vineyard locations lie on 570 hectares of the Istrian land.


Vinakoper keeps tradition alive and preserve classic varieties in our vineyards. At the same time, we flirt with the modern and explore world-famous contemporary varieties. Many first-class vines embraced by the sunshine produce sumptuous grapes full of flavour.

The king of the reds: indigenous Refosco wine

Slovenian Istria got its name after this variety, namely, the Region of Refosco, and, as early as 300 years ago, the famous Bishop of Koper, Paul Naldini, dubbed it as the royal wine. It is an indigenous wine variety of the North-Western Istria that is characterized by an intense ruby-like colour and vivid purple shades and its rich, fresh, and exquisite aroma will undoubtedly enrich a wide range of dishes.

The variety is cultivated at the majority of the Vinakoper's locations. Several products are available to wine lovers: a top-quality traditionally-produced Refosco, quality Refosco, or sweet Refosco, Refosco Rex Fuscus, and the prestigious product lines of Capris and Capo d’Istria.

White istrian variety: the popular Malvasia

Supposedly, this white Istrian variety with an exquisite bouquet and a rich aroma, which is considered traditional and is becoming increasingly popular, was brought to our region from the Peloponnesus in the 13th century. Malvasia vine produces high yields on flysch soil and is present at most of Vinakoper's locations, it is most common in the coastal areas near Škocjan, Debeli Rtič, and Sečovlje. The fresh top-quality Malvasia is bottled in the spring after the harvest, while the Capo d’Istria product line is matured in barriques one year and a half after the harvest. It is also available as a quality wine or late harvest wine.

Particulary delicate: yellow Moscato

Throughout the world, Moscato wines are becoming increasingly popular, and include a wide assortment of varieties, from extremely dry, produced in the Loire Valley (Muscadet), to those with a high alcohol content, produced in Southern France. In Slovenia, this wine grape variety thrives in the Purissima area. The Moscato wine is sold in two high-quality bottlings, as aperitif wine (dry) Yellow Moscato, and as the dessert wine Sweet Moscato, as well as the Noble White, which is part of the Capris product line. 

Traditional luxury: Merlot

In the Bordeaux area, Cabernet Sauvignon is cultivated on one side of the river, and Merlot on the other. In comparison to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot variety yields more rounded wines with milder tannins. Generally, Merlot was introduced before Cabernet Sauvignon in Slovenia, and has therefore been cultivated for longer period of time. It is primarily cultivated at the Purissima and Debeli Rtič locations. Merlot is available as a quality wine, or as part of the Capris and Capo d’Istria product lines.

Elegant indulgence: Cabernet Sauvignon

Vinakoper has one of the longest traditions in cultivating Cabernet Sauvignon in Slovenia: it has been produced since 1955. It is primarily cultivated at the coastal locations near Debeli Rtič, Purissima, and Hrvatini, as it responds well to the vicinity of the sea. At higher elevations, notably at the Labor location, Cabernet Sauvignon is infused with a strong character, which screams of Istria. Cabernet Sauvignon is available (along with the regularly bottled product line) as part of the prestigious Capo d’Istria product line from vintages 1998 onwards, or as part of the gastronomic Capris product line, along with Shiraz, from vintages 1999 onwards.

The miracle red: Shiraz

Australia's main entry into the world of wine was Syrah, or Shiraz as they call it. This miraculous red wine combined elegance, lightness, a mouth-coating density that could bite, fruity aromas and spiciness of flavour. Syrah is now widely available all over the world, while the price of the traditional French wine from the Rhone Valley, has tripled. At Vinakoper, Debeli Rtič was selected as the site for the trial planting of this variety. It is bottled as a varietal wine of premium quality, in the gastronomic Capris product line of the same quality as our Cabernet Sauvignon, and also holds a place in the prestigious Capo d'Istria category.